Walking Group

A women’s only walking group in the north london area to make it easier for you to be motivated to go out for your walks. The walking group is a free service that anyone can join. If you are interested in walking and would like to meet other fellow walkers then this could work for you. I set up this walking group as the season started to change and I realised that having walking buddies may encourage you to go out on those dark winter mornings or evenings or be a source of motivation for you to leave the house. if you would like to join the group, please send me a message using the button below.

Walking has become a big part of my life since March when the first lockdown forced me to find alternate ways of exercising and I have come to love it. Walking is good for you in so many ways, and its easy to do, completely free and great for your physical and mental health and you can do it anywhere!!.


Walking in and around nature can help reduce depression, improve your immunity, reduce anxiety and boost endorphins. It can also boost brain memory, help you destress and make you more creative


Walking can reduce the risk of Cancer, Diabetes, obesity and other diseases. It can strengthen your muscles which will increase your metabolism meaning you burn more calories. Help you build stronger bones, support your joints, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and can help strengthen the heart.


Walking is great exercise and can help to improve bone density and reduce risk of osteoporosis, it is weight bearing and can improve your physical endurance. It burns calorie and can aid weight loss.