Tayo Kuti is a certified life coach, fitness trainer, mental health advocate and author. She is also the founder of Avoda Wellness.

if you can dream it, you can achieve it……………..

“walt disney”.

I formed Avoda Wellness in 2020 after becoming a life coach. Prior to that I was a teacher, a personal trainer and a sports injury therapist. It made sense to me, to bring all these specialties together under one roof focusing on weight loss coaching with accountability and emotional wellness (which is a crucial part of any successful weight loss program).

Weight loss for over 40’s is a very unique area. Many people over the age of 40 in particular struggle to lose weight and get fit. While the weight loss process is inherently the same regardless of your age, coaching in this area has some specific challenges which I myself have experienced.

Losing weight when you are older can pose a lot more difficulty because of the fact that most people in this age bracket will have to deal with other aspects of life such as children, ageing parents, work and other commitments.

As a result women (or men) at this age may be time poor, and may struggle to find time to fit in exercise and a change in lifestyle into their already busy lives. Having a coach that has had this experience comes in super useful. I know what this feels like, I have had periods in my life when trying to find time to exercise while juggling the demands of a family and work seemed like an impossible task.

Alternatively, it may be that at this age, we are dealing with a lot of external and internal stresses such as relationship breakdown, divorce, bereavement, empty nest, work or career issues and so much more. All of this can sometimes make it difficult to prioritise our own physical and mental wellness over all of the other demands we have. I have been through a divorce, I am a single mum with 3 children so I know what it feels like to not have time and to not have the motivation.

Women of this age may be peri-menopausal or already menopausal, if you are in this group, you will know that losing weight comes with its own additional challenges. I feel you, I am currently in this situation myself so I bring all of my own personal experience to this.

As we age, we are more prone to injuries and degeneration, this is a fact of life and as such, the type of exercise that we should be doing will vary somewhat than that which a 20 year old might do. This does not mean every 40 year old is injury prone or unable to do high intensity exercises but I am here to ensure that what you choose to do will be compatible with your body. As well as being a personal trainer, I am also a sports injury therapist so I am well equipped to prescribe exercise that minimises the risk of injury

Yoyo dieting and weight fluctuations are very common with women especially after childbirth. I went up 3 dress sizes after my first 2 children so I know how that feels. Many women feel stuck with the weight they put on after they give birth. They worry they may never lose this weight. I am here to assure you that you can and you will.

I have a 6-step program that I use with my clients to help them start to build confidence and feel able to move forward with their weight loss goal. This program is guaranteed to set you on the path to your weight loss goal without extreme dieting, ridiculous calorie counts and joy sucking meals. I believe in a balanced weight loss program that allows you to be yourself. Eat the foods you like in moderation, spend time exercising doing something you love while holding yourself accountable to whatever goals you set for yourself.

No matter how many times you have tried and failed, I am here to hold your hand and together we can achieve your goals.

The benefit of a coach driven approach is that as well as teaching you about nutrition and exercise and other lifestyle changes, I will be working with you to help identify your motivation, your why and ensuring it is rock solid. We will also identify and pinpoint negative mindsets and limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself that are holding you back from achieving your goal and finally I will work with you to remove all of these obstacles and to understand the impact that this change could have on your physical and mental health.

My approach to weight loss is very much based on a holistic and client driven approach. I don’t make ridiculous claims about how much weight you will lose or how quickly it will come off. I know real sustainable weight loss will come only from a deeper level which involves belief in yourself and your abilities.

If you follow the plan and engage wholeheartedly with all the steps, I guarantee you will lose weight.