Assess your health and wellness

Updated Jan 2023

We invest a lot of time, effort and money on insuring and maintaining our cars, home and other valuable items we possess but how often do we think about having an assessment of our health and wellbeing?

Your wellness assessment is done through answering questions on an online questionnaire about your physical and mental health, symptoms and general questions about you, to find out how you are doing.

What You get

Your answers are used to assess your overall wellness and to prepare a bespoke and detailed assessment with recommendations for improving your health.

Tayo Kuti
Wellness Coach

Wellness Assessment

Complete the online questionnaire and receive a comprehensive and bespoke assessment of your current health and overall wellness (physical, mental and emotional) including simple and actionable steps to improve your wellness. Priced at £60.00 till Jan 14th and returns to £120 thereafter.