Lower Back Pain

In this 1 hour zoom workshop, we take a practical look at the issue of lower back pain and its effect on day to day life. This workshop will be useful for anyone who has suffered from or is suffering from long term lower back pain caused by degeneration of discs, sciatica and other long term types of back pain that are being treated with pain medication or and movement. The session covers management of lower back pain, tips on managing pain and movement and exercises to improve posture and strength in the region.

Workshop consists of :

  • Brief Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Tips and Suggestions
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Exercises

  • Price: from £10 per person
  • Dates : to be confirmed

Lower Back Pain

1 hour wellness workshop on the incidence of lower back pain. The workshop covers prevention and management and includes exercise tips, lifestyle adaptations and question and answer sessions. Session is delivered by Fitness coach and exercise referral specialist Tayo Kuti