Anxiety Masterclass Course

6 week anxiety course

Learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life with anxiety.

What you will learn;

~Learn how to manage anxiety and overwhelm

~Identify and manage your triggers

~Identify and clear out old habits and practices that no longer serve you and may be fueling your anxiety

~Identify and challenge habits that can trigger worry and anxiety such as people pleasing, procrastination, perfectionism

~Manage overthinking and learn to stop getting overwhelmed

~Learn how to start enjoying life and living in the moment.

learning to manage your anxiety
  • Week 1: What is anxiety? Understanding what anxiety is and how it can disrupt your life
  • Week 2: What is causing your anxiety? Identifying reasons for your anxiety and triggers
  • Week 3: How your anxiety affects your day to day life. Symptoms and signs of anxiety.
  • Week 4: Strategies to manage anxiety, common strategies that help anxiety, identify habits that trigger worry and anxiety
  • Week 5: Strategies to manage anxiety specifically targeting how to manage your emotions
  • Week 6: Coping with anxiety, designing your wellness toolkit to help you cope on your own

Anxiety Masterclass

Intense and ongoing anxiety can be debilitating and distressing. It can stop you living life in the present or enjoying your life in general. This is why I’ve created this 6 week one-to-one anxiety course to take you from struggling with anxiety to managing and learning how to cope anxiety. The sessions consist of 6, 1 hour sessions where we tackle your anxiety head on. You will learn how to identify and manage your triggers, control your symptoms and stop habits and practices that may be triggering your anxiety