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About Me

Hi, I’m Tayo, Life coach and fitness guru (self titled of course) I previously worked as a personal trainer and exercise referral coach before training as a life coach. I bring all of that expertise together to serve you as a mindset and life coach.

The impact of mindset and how it affects our progress in life cannot be overstated, I show you how to improve your mindset so you can overcome any obstacles blocking you from that new job, running your own business, a new relationship, losing weight and keeping it off, recovery after divorce and so much more.

My goal and passion is to help people remove all the emotional and mental clutter that stops us from fulfilling our potential. My background in health and fitness means that I view coaching and health from a holistic perspective, our health is a combination of physical, mental and emotional and to function well, we need to be managing those 3 areas well.

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