Newbie Entrepreneur Program

Are you a new business owner. Are you confused and overwhelmed with all of the many tasks you need to do and all the various courses and online coaches out there?.

Do you want some simple straightforward advice and help on getting started without all the jargon and a program that is tailored towards your specific needs.

Do you feel scared, lack self confidence or self belief and are worried about failure or what others will think about what you are doing?

Do you want to be supported as you learn the ropes instead of spending hours trying to work out the most basic of tasks.

I know from my own experience how the simplest of tasks took me ages to work out. Its funny how the information we need is all out there but it can take us ages to find out how we do it without any help.

Well this takes time, can be stressful and may take your attention from what really matters.

Now dont get me wrong, you need to develop lots of different skills to become an entrepreneur. I help you learn those skills a little bit quicker than if you were trying to do it all on your own.

From my own experience, I was buying online course after course, going from one coach to the other and all i was doing was learning one thing at a time. Now imagine learning lots of things from one source.

newbie entrepreneur support

what is it?

Are you a newbie entrepreneur who has just launched their business or are you planning to launch a business soon?

Whichever group you fall into, as soon as you become your own boss, you will find out that you need a lot of different skills to be able to run a business. There are a million and one questions to be answered and so many little tasks to get done.

What shall I call my business?, who do I serve?, how will I market myself?, do I need a website?, do I need a logo?, do I need a social media account.

The answer to a lot of these questions will be varied and some yes, some no. But……. If your business is to do well in these times, the one thing it definitely needs is some sort of online prescense e.g an Instagram account.

For many people, creating an Instagram account for a business is a challenge, what does my bio look like, how will I create images, what sort of content do I need to post  etc. etc.

The questions seem endless and at this stage with all the other little tasks you have to do, it is quite easy to see why many new business owners become overwhelmed and some even give up. They spend so much money and waste time on buying courses, products and content that may not be right for them.

What I do is cut through all that because I can help you identify what is most important at the beginning stage. Setting up your Instagram page, writing your bio, working out how you will show up and what sort of content you should be posting. Helping you chose brand colours, understanding how to lay out your posts and all the other little jobs that no one talks about but they are all tasks that need completing.

It is also important at this stage to explore your mindset and preconceptions about running your own business. Being an entrepreneur is not all glitz and glam and can be very challenging. You need the right mindset, self belief and self confidence to start and continue on this journey. As a mindset coach, this is the core of my work and is vital to your success and to help you avoid making too many mistakes.

I know because I have been there and I have made many mistakes. My job is to show you what to focus on at the beginning so you do not end up making the same mistakes I did. My job is to help you gain confidence, develop a growth mindset and show you the basic skills you need to run your online business.

No more spending time asking people to show you how to do the simplest things, no more wondering how to shoot a video or what apps you need, no more dilly dallying over your layout or captions.

This 1:1 newbie entrepreneur program is designed to get you to a point where you are able to take the reins and move off into the entrepreneur world. I work with you through online support sessions, phone calls and short content material to show you what needs to be done and how.

This is a practical, relevant and necessary course for those who don’t have the technical know how when it comes to setting up their Instagram pages. It is also designed to help you design a way of working that is efficient and productive. It will get you to making important decisions faster since you won’t spend valuable time trying to find out how to learn basic skills that you may need to get your business off the ground.

I get questions about price and one thing I don’t do is have a fixed price and this is because there is no one size fits all for every client. Even if clients are all new starters, they are all at different stages and its wrong to try to fit everyone into the same package. Having done lots of courses, one thing I discovered is that many coaches are more focused on how many clients they can pack into their courses and usually end up with too many people and are not able to give enough time to each client, don’t respond to messages quickly and are just simply oversubscribed. The other issue is that many coaches are more focused on how much money they can make “the drive for six figures” and this sometimes drives their business and approach.

This isn’t my style; I need to know that every client I work with gets exactly what they need from working with me and I recognise this is going to be different for each person and this is why I give every client a bespoke program that attends to their requirements.

If you think this is what you might need to help you get started, why don’t you contact me for a free 15-minute chat to see how the sessions work and find out more.  


more about the program

The program is bespoke, i.e. each client’s program and support is tailored towards their specific needs.

I know from my experience of doing courses and working with coaches that working within a group is not always ideal as people may be at different stages. e.g. one person may have already got an Instagram page and some followers and has an idea of how to post and what their niche is while another has no idea where to start at all.

So I start with a free consultation to find out what the client needs, whether we are a good fit and if we can work together to achieve their desired result.

After the consultation, I will prepare a proposal for the client detailing the program I can offer them and will also discuss at this point a pricing point.

If the client is happy, we can move forward, sometimes we have to tweak the program to suit the client’s finances or timings.

Once we are both happy, we can proceed.

what is included.

Weekly zoom/online calls to agree on goals and objectives for the week (30min)

Weekly mindset coaching calls (20min)

Help with setting up your Instagram Page including my 10-step plan to ensuring you are ready to go on Instagram (this includes use of hashtags, best times to post, and much more)

Short presentations to cover niche, finding your tribe and coming up with a client avatar

How to create a basic Instagram post.

How to upload IGTV videos, reels and stories.

How to use Canva to create a basic image.

Advice on other forms of social media as needed e.g. Facebook, Linktree or Twitter


I do not give any advice as to whether I think your business is a good idea or not

I do not write your hook statement, bio or any other content for you unless specifically paid to create content.

I do not produce videos, reels or any other material for you

I do not provide you with any software or applications needed for your business.

I do not provide ideas of what to post on your Instagram or how to run your business or get clients

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.

– Unknown

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